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This stunning apartment complex is situated on “marine drive”; the favourite fast track of all commuters who travel from the south to the business areas of Colombo, but also for the families and the students who will want to get to their favourite shopping malls and cinemas. Not to be missed – an exquisite range of delightful restaurants, just walking distance from you!

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    The “Marine Residencies” are located on marine drive, in Colombo 06, right on the sea front, and thus offer a very scenic view that you could make you forget that you are actually located in the heart of our commercial capital. The pristine views that both apartments and the terrace offer might make believe that you are actually on holiday down south.     The Savoy was of one of Colombo’s finest cinema theatre experience until the Majestic cinema theatres came up with exciting 3D experiences. Going a little further away, the Liberty cinema halls are also ready to entertain you for an afternoon of delights. You could easily couple up your afternoon of excitement with some shopping or even push it to the night and go bar hopping. The good news is; you’re just a hop away from any of it!

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    Sri Lanka is an island filled with exciting beaches that are just a drive away from the commercial capital city, but Colombo and its busy lifestyle often makes us forget about it. When you are located at one of our gorgeous apartments, not only do you wake up every morning with a feel of holiday by the beach, you can actually get to it just by crossing the road! If you want even more fun, the sunny and popular beach of Mount Lavinia is just 10 mins south from you!     We said it before and we say it again, you are already located in the heart of the city! So whether you only want to go for a stroll along marine drive and whine up at a family restaurant by the beach or whether you prefer to go for a fine dining experience in the heart of Colombo, you are just a 10 mins drive away!

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